Axedale Golf Club

By McIvor Times

AXEDALE Golf Club held its Gold Letter Mixed Canadian Championship and Par event on Saturday.

A total of 34 players took part in the mixed event while 57 players took part in the men’s event. The events were sponsored by Drummond Golf.

Men’s event

In division one (0-15 h/c) the winner was Steven Lee (10 h/c, 3 nett). The runner-up was John Neylon (15 h/c, 2 nett). Third place went to Glenn Laity (12 h/c, square nett).

In division two (16-20 h/c) the winner was Harry Fiske-Kealy (18 h/c, 2 nett). The runner-up was Sam Bilardi (18 h/c, 1 nett), while third place went to Andrew McDougall (16 h/c, square nett) on a count-back.!

In division three (21-36 h/c) the winner was Keith Hill (29 h/c, 2 nett). The runner-up was Peter Stringer (36 h/c, square nett) and third place went to Ian Kerr (28 h/c, -2 nett).!

Ball winners: Doug Osborne (square) Jock Catto (-1) Brian Retallick (-1), Hayden Neilsen (-1) Peter Hoskins (-1) Peter King (-1).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole: division one: Daryl Fleay; division two: Peter King.

3rd hole (2nd shot): division one: Rod Connelly; division two: John Randles.

6th hole (open): Craig Fitzgerald.

16th hole super pin (entries): Jock Catto.

18th hole: division one: Tim Holmes; division two: No winner — jackpots.

Mixed event:

The winners of the mixed event were Muriel Pitts and Paul Pyke (84 gross, 13.5 h/c, 70.5 nett). The runners-up were Raye and Daryl Fleay (88 gross, 12.375 h/c, 75.625 nett).

Ball winners: Jan Walklate and Rod Threlfall; Ruth Iser and Fred Kath; Joy Kennedy and Allan Andrews.

Other highlights:

Mixed Canadian Gross Winners: Carmel and John Harrison (83 gross, 10.875 h/c).

Eagle Ball: Stu McGibbon (8th).

The Axedale Golf Club would like to congratulate Carmel and John Harrison on their win.

■ ON THURSDAY, July 11, 48 men took part in a stableford event at the Axedale Golf Club. The event was sponsored by Drummond Golf.

In division one (0-15) the winner was David Ivey (11 h/c, 37 nett) on a count-back from Drew Drummond (2 h/c, 37 nett). Third place went to Robin Minne (15 h/c, 36 nett).

In division two (16-21) the winner was Sam Bilardi (19 h/c, 40 nett). The runner-up was Ian Martin (21 h/c, 36 nett), while third place went to Tony Gundry (18 h/c, 33 nett).

In division three (22-36) the winner was David Purdy (29 h/c, 40 nett). The runner-up was Phil Luke (29 h/c, 39 nett) and third place went to David Turner (31 h/c, 36 nett).

Ball winners: Peter Hoskin 35, Peter Williamson 34, Rod Connelly 34, Fred Kath 34, John Geldart 33 and Peter Pannell 32 (countback).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole — division one: Peter Williamson; division two: David Purdy.

3rd hole, 2nd shot — division one: Drew Drummond; division two: Sam Bilardi.

6th hole — open: Don Leversha.

17th hole Presidential (Longest) Putt: Sam Bilardi.

18th hole — division one: Ben Neave; division two: David Turner.

Encouragement Award: Division one: Ben Neave; division two: Brian Keating; division three: Keith Hill.

Birdie Balls: David Ivey 18th.

Eagles Nest: Drew Drummond 3rd.