Summer swelter hits bowls

February 02, 2018

DUE to the extreme heat over the weekend, pennant bowls was again cancelled.

It is the first time successive weeks have been cancelled due to the heat.

Heathcote Bowling Club’s division three side will play North Bendigo at North Bendigo this week and must win to regain a position in the finals.

Division six plays South Bendigo at Heathcote and must win to avoid relegation.

Midweek Pennant Results.

Late on Sunday evening, the Bendigo District cancelled all Monday’s pennant games due to the anticipated extreme temperature of 39 degrees.

Midweek Pennant Team:

Heathcote vs White Hills at Heathcote

C. Cail (s), D. Cutajar, K. West, M. Wright; D. Anderson (s), R. Craig, S. Arnold, I. Hutterer; E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, D. Finn, L. Speirs. Side Captain: C. Cail. Duty Team: C. Cail.

Weekend Pennant Teams:

Division three — Heathcote vs North Bendigo at North Bendigo.

B. Taylor (s), C. Morcom, V. Keogh, B. Mathieson; J. McGillivray (s), P. Mason, F. Dimauro, G. Baker; G. Speirs (s), G. Wilkie, B. Cail, R. Anderson; B. Gardiner (s), H. Dawson, P. Cunningham, R. Hanson. Side Captain: G. Speirs. Bus leaves at 12.30pm.

Division six— Heathcote vs South Bendigo at Heathcote.

B. Kapoulitsa (s), N. Smith, K. Brown, L. Tattersall; C. Cail (s), E. Knight, D. Kilner, I. Ross; E. O’Brien (s), J. McDonald, D. Dedman, L. Speirs; D. Anderson (s), R. Craig, K. Reader, T. Aylett. Team Captain: D. Kilner. Duty Team: B. Kapoulitsa.

MND fundraiser:

On Australia Day in very hot weather conditions a good crowd turned up to contest the Super Challenge. Sixteen teams played three one-hour games of triples. On the points system the winners were Paul Mason (s), Tim Gleeson and Brett Mathieson (698 points). Runners-up were Frank Dimauro (s), Steve Dimauro and Rod Hanson (385).

More than $2000 was raised by the Quilt raffle (won by Michelle Barri) and the raffle of donated goods raised almost $800.

The bowling club would like to thank all those who donated to this most worthy cause and also to all those who played in the oppressive weather conditions.

Social Bowls:

On Wednesday in hot and humid conditions, only eight bowlers played five games of five ends.

The winning team was Greg Speirs (s) and Rod Hanson (three wins, 39 points, +10 shots). Runners-up were Smokey Dawson (s) and Judy McDonald (one win, one draw, -2 shots). The jackpot was not contested and will be $200 today.

Coming Events.

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm.

Tomorrow: Pennant practice and club barbecue.

Saturday, February 3: Weekend Pennant.

Monday, February 5: Midweek Pennant.

Tuesday, February 6: Tuesday Night Social Pennant at 7pm.

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