Not a very golden day for our midweek pennant bowlers

December 08, 2017

■Midweek pennant result

Heathcote started poorly to be down by 27 shots at lunch but fought back to go down by only 12 shots.

Heathcote 65 lost Golden Square 77

D.Anderson 15 lost S.Rooke 35

E.O’Brien 19 lost C.Slingo 25

C.Cail 31 def. J.Brennan 17

Denise Anderson started slowly to be down by 27 shots after 14 ends. Despite winning seven of the last 11 ends Denise’s team went on to to lose by 20 shots.

E.O’Brien also made a poor start to trail by 15 shots after 11 ends. Eileen’s team lifted losing only six more ends but the lead was to big and Heathcote lost by just six 6 shots.

Chris Cail made a good start to lead by 6 shots after 10 ends.Chris team lost only three more ends and went onto to win by a big 14 shots.

■Midweek pennant team

Heathcote vs Inglewood at Heathcote.

C.Cail [s], D.Cutajar, K.West, M.Wright.

D.Anderson [s], R.Craig, S.Arnold, I.Hutterer.

E.O’Brien [s], J.McDonald, D.Finn, L.Speirs.

Team Captain – C.Cail. Duty Team – D.Anderson.

■Weekend pennant teams

Division 3 – Heathcote vs Golden Square at Heathcote.

B.Taylor [s], C.Morcom, V.Keogh,B.Mathieson.

J.McGillivray [s], P.Mason, F.Dimauro, G.Baker.

G.Speirs [s], G.Wilkie, B.Cail, R.Anderson.

B.Gardiner [s], H.Dawson, P.Cunningham, R.Hanson.

Team Captain – G.Speirs. Duty Team – B.Gardiner.

Division 6 - Heathcote vs Woodbury at Woodbury.

B.Kapoulitsa [s], N.Smith, D.Finn, L.Tattersall.

C.Cail [s], E.O’Brien, B.Pumpa, I.Ross.

D.Anderson [s], J.McDonald, K.Reader, K.West.

R.Craig [s], J.Hutson, D.Dedman, D.Kilner.

Team Captain – D.Kilner. The bus will leave at 12.30pm.

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