Youngsters take the field for Georgia

July 27, 2017

Heathcote and St Monica's junior footballers braved freezing conditions on Saturday, providing plenty of action for spectators to enjoy.

FREEZING conditions faced Heathcote on Saturday as the junior Saints hosted St Monica’s.

The white oval was beautifully decorated with purple for the Georgia Edsall-French Memorial Day. The Saints were determined to keep top spot on the ladder and started the match with a thumping pace.

Jesse Bruce found the big sticks within a minute, soon followed by two more from the ruck rover superstar Brayden Ferguson made possible with awesome teamwork from Ryan Foster, James Pringle and Tommy Johnson.

The second quarter saw the ball hardly leave the Saints forward fifty, Ollie Ayres finally defrosting to lay some great tackles when Seth Creevey with great vision from 75 metres, decided to ditch his player half a field away and kick accurately.

The girls were all amongst the action in the third, Lexy Jorgenson-Neave, Matilda Edsell-French, Brooke and Taylor Maiden, Tanika Cook, Ami-May Burgess along with Hannah Coleman in the ruck contributed to Brayden Fergo’s two goal quarter.

Again, the Saints backline held true with Callum Devine, Blake Maiden, Nik Hansson and Harry Ferguson all deflecting anything St Monica’s kicked their way.

Ollie Ayres who some say will be the next Tony “Plugga” Lockett slotted through a nice goal in the final quarter receiving many cheers from fans.

It was Seth Creevey who again ran the field in a blur from the backline booting the Saints final goal for the day made possible by the awesome teamwork from Ami-May, who didn’t give up all day.

Keep up the hard work Saints — it’s all paying off for the finals race ahead.

Next week’s game is at Ewing Park in Bendigo playing St Therese’s at 9.30am. Please be early for the warm up.

Goals: Brayden Ferguson (4) Seth Creevey (2) Jesse Bruce, Oliver Ayres

Country Kitchen Award – Hannah Coleman

Jaime Johnson Plumbing Award – Oliver Ayres

Coach award – Brayden Ferguson

Final score: Heathcote 8.5 (53) def St Monica’s 2.6 (18).

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