Bilardi wins Axedale golf event

July 07, 2017

Golfers have been enjoying clear winter days at Axedale Golf Club.

A TOTAL of 54 men took part in a par event at the Axedale Golf Club on Thursday, June 29.

The event was sponsored by Carley Advisory Services.

In division one (0-17) the winner was Sam Bilardi (14 h/c, 5 points). The runner-up was Robin Minne (15 h/c, 2 points) on a countback from Gary Beames (13 h/c, 2 points).

In division two (18-23) the winner on a countback was Kevin Crawford (19 h/c, 1 point). The runner-up was Geoff Kerr (20 h/c, 1 point), while third place went to Geoff Arundell (18 h/c, 1 point).

In division three (24-36) the winner was Robin Miller (32 h/c, 6 points). The runner-up was Adrian Miles (25 h/c, 3 points), while third place went to Brian Keating (24 h/c, 2 points).

Ball winners: Fred Kath, Dennis Higgins, Tim Holmes, Garry Harrop, Rod Connelly, Bernie Fitzpatrick.

Longest drive: Alan Clements.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Andy Watson; division two: Adrian Miles.

2nd shot, 3rd hole division one: Paul Pyke; division two: David Yum.

6th hole open: Craig Shewell.

18th hole division one: Mike Fitzgerald; division two: Jackpot.

Encouragement award: Division one: Doug Osborne; division two: Brian Edwards; division three: Bob Perkins

Birdie Ball: Bill Andrea 6th hole.

On Saturday, 76 men and 15 ladies took part in a stroke (monthly medal) event. The event was sponsored by Drummond Golf.

Men’s event

Division one (0-15)

Winner: Troy Cartner (77 gross, 12 h/c, 65 nett).

Runner-up: Rod Connelly (86 gross, 14 h/c, 72 nett).

Third: Roger Heider (81 gross, 7 h/c, 74 nett).

Division two (16-21):

Winner: Bill Andrea (82 gross, 16 h/c, 66 nett).

Runner-up: Geoff Arundell (87 gross, 19 h/c, 68 nett).

Third: Terry McManus (86 gross, 17 h/c, 69 nett) on a countback.

Division three (22-36):

Winner: Vik Sabaliauskas (97 gross, 30 h/c, 67 nett) on a countback.

Runner-up: Craig Shewell (89 gross, 22 h/c, 67 nett).

Third: Owen Davies (93 gross, 24 h/c, 69 nett) on a countback.

Ball winners:

Geoff Kerr 69, John Torney 69, Chris Atkinson 70, David Yum 70, Cam Cowled 70, Peter Richardson 71 on a countback.

Ladies event

Division one:

Winner: Sue Minne (97 gross, 26 h/c, 71 nett).

Runner-Up: Raye Fleay (90 gross, 19 h/c, 71 nett) on a countback.

Division two:

Winner: Marianne Dunn (106 gross, 33 h/c, 73 nett).

Runner-Up: Margaret Kerr (106 gross, 33 h/c, 73 nett).

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Ian Martin; division two: Rosemary Winther.

2nd shot, 3rd hole division one: Gary Beames; division two: Tony Lindrea.

6th hole open: Sue Minne.

16th hole superpin: Russell McGibbon.

18th hole division one: Craig Lee; division two: Geoff Williams.

Other highlights

Monthly Medal Winner: Troy Cartner 65.

Best Gross Score: Troy Cartner 77.

Ladies Saturday Medal Qualifier: Sue Minne.

Birdie Balls: Fred Kath 18th.

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