Hill rises to claim par event at Axedale

October 20, 2016

John  Hill was the winner of the par event at Axedale Golf Club on Saturday.

Hill (7 h/c, 2 nett) won in division one (0-14) from runner-up Steven Lee (11 h/c, 0 nett) on a countback.

Third place went to Daniel Symes (4 h/c, 0 nett).

A field of 68 men plus 7 ladies took part in the par event sponsored by Axedale Tavern.

In division two (15-19) the winner was Phil Brooks (15 h/c, 4 nett). The runner up was Kevin Crawford (19 h/c, 3 nett) and third place went to Mark Pittock (16 h/c, -1 nett).

In division three (20-36) the winner was Brian Edwards (20 h/c, 3 nett) on a countback. Second place went to Paul O’Sullivan (25 h/c, 3 nett). Third place went to John Torney (20 h/c, 1 nett).

Ball winners: Peter Hoskin 0, Rod Connelly 0, Jeff Keely -1, Greasi Wallace -1, Mark Davies -1, Ivan Phillips -1.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Glenn Laity; division two: Ian Edwards.

3rd hole, 2nd shot division one: Bill Andrea; division two: Paul O’Sullivan.

6th hole (Open): Graham Gamble.

16th hole Super Pin (Entries): Paul Pyke.

18th hole division one: Craig Lee; division two: Jeff Keely.

Ladies Event: In the ladies event, the division one the winner was Ros Yum (31 h/c, 1 nett) on a countback from Raye Fleay (16 h/c, 1 nett). Ball winners were Helen Martin -2 and Loretta Prowse -3.

Other highlights:

In the Mens Doubles Knockout David Baillie and Ernie Lowndes defeated Lex Johnstone and Warren Pollock.

Birdie balls: Derek Highman on the 12th and Graham Gamble on the 6th.

On Thursday, October 13, 53 men took part in a stroke event that was sponsored by MacDonalds Nursery.

In division one the winner was Dennis Higgins (79 gross, 14 h/c, 65 pts). The runner up was Rod Connelly (80 gross, 13 h/c, 67 pts). Third place went to Fred Kath (77 gross, 8 h/c, 69 pts) on a countback.

In division two the winner was John Geldart (87 gross, 22 h/c, 65 pts) on a countback from Owen Davies (98 gross, 33 h/c, 65 pts) and third place went to Brian Keating (87 gross, 21 h/c, 66 pts).

Ball winners: Cam Cowled 67, Jeff Keely 68, Bill Andrea 69, Brian Edwards 69, Len Rodda 69 and Geoff Arundell 70 on a countback.

Longest drive: Lindsay Budds.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Rob Minne; division two: John Geldart.

3rd hole, 2nd shot division one: Peter Hoskin; division two: Peter Andrew.

6th hole (Open): Lindsay Budds.

18th hole division one: Paul Pyke; division two: Jackpot.

Encouragement Award division one: Rob Minne 93; division two: Malcolm Bain

Birdie ball: Paul Pyke on the 18th.

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